Southern California native and lifelong designer, Deni Lampe Mileski got her first paid job at age four when she sneaked out of the house and sold a wrapping paper collage to the neighbor. She spent her childhood drawing and when she grew up, she wanted to redesign unsightly billboards and restaurant menus. 

After majoring in studio art and shenanigans at UCSB in the nineties, Deni briefly sold her soul to Merrill Lynch while she taught herself graphic design at night. She bluffed her way into a job at an ad agency where she learned the ropes, working on home video packaging for Disney films. And in 1999, she left to start her own gig and never looked back. 

You name it, she’s probably worked on it. Deni designed collectible pins—flair—for years for Hard Rock and Disney. Board games, album covers, book covers, a set of postage stamps for the Hong Kong government, movie key art, invitations, sunscreen packaging, and even packaging for Peruvian Seabird Guano Pellets. Plus all the usual: brand identity, websites, marketing materials, social media, and, yes, billboards and restaurant menus.

Deni lives in Hermosa Beach with her husband and daughter.